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Vineyard Markers We supply basic UV stable black polypropylene markers(130mm X 110mm X 0.8mm) with 70mm white reflective numbers. They are more visible and UV stable than cattle ear tags. They can be easily attached with two- four flat head galvinised nails, screws or a heavy duty stapler.

SPECIAL PRICE WITH TWO NUMBERS,  JUNE/JULY $ NZ 3.00 each  ( 100 plates minimum order ) + P & P

 The grape variety and clone can be added but it is an extra charge above the basic cost. Most owners keeps digital records of the grape variety /clones. 

 Block names on one plate can also be supplied.


Mewstone Vineyard ( Tasmania )

Casellas Wines Barossa Valley South Australia       

Phil & Debbie Brown South Australia

Brett Raven Frostwatch Santa Rosa CA USA

Apatu Farms Hastings NZ

Mark & Eric Murphy Padthway South Australia

 Villa Maria Marlborough NZ

Fosters Matua Marlborough NZ

Leslie & Chuck Giovanettister Santa Rosa California USA

Hammonds Marlborough NZ

Helens Hill VIC

Ringer Reef SA

Leader Brand Gisborne

Please contact Alan 64 354 76552 Mobile 64 27 6183050 or email  for information on row markers.


 Pat Parker erecting markers in Marlborough New Zealand

Vineyard MarkersVineyard Markers


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vineyard markers

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