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paddock numbers and hazard markersPaddock Numbers ( set to go for 2021 )

Paddock numbers markers are perfect for farms to help staff, farm workers & contractors identify paddocks and hazards.

Reflective numbers on the plates are valuable for dairy farmers for early morning milking or in poor visibility to help identify gates, paddocks etc.


Paddock numbers & hazard markersPaddock markers are available on UV stable plastic plates with white reflective numbers.

Size 130 mm X 110 mm   Numbers 70 mm

Some advice for erecting these;

Place them so they can be seen from the raceway. Also try and place them in a place where stock can not rub on them.

Screwing them on is the best option in case they have to be removed if rearanging paddocks.


Dairy farms from Southland to Waikato have been supplied with reflective paddock markers ready for the start of the new season

I recieved my first overseas order from a Dairy Farmer in Mountmellick, Co Laois, Ireland. He required 74 numbers before calving commenced.

Dispatched an order for 40 paddocks on 01 May 2017 to a Dairy Farm in Winnaleah Tasmania.



Contact: Alan Parker Manager 64 5476552 for a price

Mobile 64 27 6183050



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